Daisy, China

“When I first arrived in Canada, I was scared. I needed to improve my English and get accepted in university. Coming to Hanson helped me improve and get into the commerce program at the University of Toronto. I’m so excited to go to University in Canada and follow in my father’s footsteps in the business world!”


Viktor Shuklov, Kazakhstan

“I studied at Hanson High School and really enjoyed my learning experience in Language Foundation classes. I completed several levels and it helped me to be more confident in English-speaking environments. My English improved and I got ready to enter a university. The time I spent at Hanson is unforgettable, I especially liked the trips and excursions when I could learn more about Toronto, Ontario and Canada. I want to thank the school and my teachers who made my time in Canada exciting and fun.”


Manuela Guimarães, Brazil

“My name is Manuela and I am from Brazil. I came to Hanson High School Language Foundation and had very little English. Every day I learned a lot of new things. I felt very comfortable in my classroom because Ms. Yuliya, my English teacher helped me a lot and I started to understand more words and learned how to make sentences. My teacher is very patient and nice. We had a lot of interesting activities every day and it was exciting. I had to use English all the time and the teacher corrected my mistakes. Also my classmates are kind and helpful. I enjoyed all my lessons in Reading, Writing and Speaking. I will continue learning English.”


Amanda, China

“Study at Hanson is probably one of the best experience I ever had. All the teachers are really responsible and caring for our study and life issues. I could talk anything with them. They are just like my friends. With the help of my teachers, I successfully received offers from some of the top universities in Ontario including University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and Western University.”


Dohun Kim, Korea

“I really like this school because teachers are very friendly and helpful. When I ask them questions, they answer me very kindly and clearly. I spoke with teachers a lot everyday about different things. They teach me English, and also Canadian culture which is very different from Korea, for example how I should behave and treat people to sound respectful in Canada. I enjoyed that a lot because I like learning about cultural differences. There’re not many Korean students in my class so I have to use English therefore I really improved my speaking skills.”


Mike, China

“I studied at Hanson and I really like the teachers here, they are really helpful for my study and I also prefer the environment of the school which can make me study in a comfortable atmosphere. The teachers in Hanson are all very friendly and like to help you to solve the problems in your studies and I finally got the offer from University of Toronto with the help of my teachers. The Principal and the Academic Manager are also very nice, they help me with the university application and prepare lunch for us. All in all, I think Hanson is a good place for every student to achieve our goals and make our dreams come true.”


Vera, China

“The study environment is one of the most important benefits of Hanson High School. It has smaller classes which allows students get more attention from the teachers. Also, the teachers at Hanson are all very responsible and humorous. Their professional and patient approach is another main reason why I strongly recommend this school. You can really learn things and be totally prepared for your university life.”


Adam, Hong Kong

“Hanson was the perfect match for me. I learned so much about Canadian culture and most importantly, I had amazing teachers. I found my passion, Computer Science, because of my favourite teacher Mr. Cooper. He was funny and interesting and helped me achieve my dream to go to the computer science program at the University of Toronto in Canada.”

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