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Yelena Mordovskya, PhD

Vice Principal

Yelena Mordovskaya is the Vice Principal at Hanson High School. She takes on the responsibility for teacher training and professional development, as well as students’ academic performance and university placement. She is an internationally trained educator specialized in English and Methodology of Teaching Foreign Languages.Ms. Mordovskaya furthered her education by earning her Doctorate Degree specializing in Cognitive Linguistics. She has extensive experience in administration and young adults’ education. Her proven ability to create and implement dynamic interactive programs encourages students to reach their academic goals.

Qualified faculty members with leading international education experience provide:

  • Mix of lecture and hands-on activities
  • Inquiry-based learning activities
  • Encouragement to trust their own opinions
  • Engagement in interactive problem-solving process
  • Group work with peer evaluations
  • Use of authentic materials and real-world connection

We engage our students through a variety of teaching methods that improve learning and promote student success. By designing and applying unique strategies the teachers invite participation, stimulate curiosity, challenge assumptions and bring current Canadian and world matters into each class. Differentiating instruction, they provide interrelated activities to make sure the students with diverse academic needs and learning styles can master challenging academic content.


Oksana Bunio, OCT, CELTA

Oksana Bunio is an instructor at Hanson High School. She teaches English, English as a Second Language and Humanities. She is an Ontario Certified Teacher and possesses a CELTA-TESL Certificate. She knows how to motivate students, how to ascertain their inner strengths and abilities, and discover what truly inspires them. Her primary goal is to provide a stimulating learning environment that encourages students to trust their own opinions, which fosters confidence in students to realize their potential.

Ildiko Goczi, OCT, BEd, BSc, MSc candidate

Ildiko Goczi is a dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven high school science teacher. She is committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to students. Ms. Goczi is skilled in adapting to students’ diverse learning styles and prepares them for their future university and college studies. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree specializing in Physics and Chemistry. Ms. Goczi is completing her Master of Education program in distance education. Her experience in Advanced Placement Physics courses synthesizes learning from theory into application and practice, promoting strategies that support students’ conceptual development.

Kerry Kotlarchuk, BCom, Diploma Aviation Engineering

Kerry Kotlarchuk has been an instructor at Hanson High School since 2009. He currently teaches courses in our grade university preparation, including Business Leadership, Canadian and World Issues, and Economics. Kerry has been instructing international students since 2002, including teaching business and English programs at Tongji University and Shanghai Normal University in China. Students describe Mr. Kotlarchuk’s class lectures as informational and engaging, a testament to his curious nature and diverse interests. His philosophy is to prepare students for university, as well as for success in life.

Yuliya Malyk, BA (English), TESL

Yuliya Malyk is a High School English and ESL teacher at Hanson High School. She is responsible for providing students, both high school and ESL, with the foundation of English literature and speaking skills. She encourages students to develop their writing skills by providing hands-on projects and assignments. In addition, Ms. Malyk prepares her high school students for their future university and college studies. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in English. Ms. Malyk has minored in Sociology and Political Science. Her experience as a Teaching Assistant overseas has helped her bridge the gap with international students. Ms. Malyk incorporates her TESL training and tutoring experience to create a dynamic and friendly study environment for her students.

Victor Yang, BA

Victor Yang is an Instructor at Hanson High School. He prepares international students toward earning a Canadian education and living within the Canadian culture. He is a well-educated and experienced Math and Business teacher who graduated from McMaster University majoring in Economics and Mathematics. He is also pursuing his TESL certification to support his students who are English language learners. He is professional at eliminating the classes between the teacher and students. He is willing to listen and learn from students and provide dynamic adjustments in his teaching methodology.

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