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Airport Services

Our airport service for international students includes arrival confirmation as well as airport pick-up and drop-off arrangements.

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Living Accommodations

Hanson High School partners with the Canada Homestay Network, Canada’s biggest international student homestay provider, to arrange student accommodations with carefully screened host families to suit students’ particular needs. Our dedicated school staff works closely with students and homestay families to ensure excellent living conditions, good relationships, and student satisfaction.

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Health Insurance

Medical insurance is mandatory while attending Hanson High School. Students can purchase health insurance directly through Hanson and our staff will educate students on the coverage of the insurance plan, where they can use it, and how to do insurance claims.

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Attendance Tracking

Hanson High School’s staff and faculty believe that there is a direct relationship between good attendance and high achievement. We take attendance seriously, therefore we record and monitor student attendance every day and address attendance issues at the earliest stage by communicating with the students as well as working with faculty. We carry out our attendance policies in a fair, firm, consistent, and timely manner.

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Alumni Services

Hanson High School’s strong alumni network is worldwide. Hanson organizes various events to offer our graduates a chance to reconnect with each other and with their former school. Each year, we also invite graduates to come back to campus to share their university experiences with our current students, especially those in Grade 12, and give them tips, pieces of advice and a great deal of encouragements.

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