HIA in High Park

Ponds, lakes, Shakespeare, reindeer, High Park has it all. Toronto is a city of parks, and High Park is the city’s largest.

Real learning happens in the real world. With this in mind, Hanson held its High School and ESL classes in High Park on Wednesday, July 22nd, giving students a chance to interact with genuine Canadian wildlife in Toronto’s most incredible park.

Hanson School of Languages students were thrilled to learn new vocabulary on the spot. Xiao Li, one of Hanson’s beginner students, will definitely never forget the words “Bison” and “smelly”. While our advanced High School English class will never forget watching a Shakespeare play in the middle of a forest, and participating in one of Toronto’s best traditions: Shakespeare in High Park.

“We are so lucky to have this experience,” Liam, one of HIA’s High School students, said during the day.

At Hanson, we believe that learning should be just that: an experience.